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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Study: Health Care Costs Worry the Wealthy - Yahoo! News

Study: Health Care Costs Worry the Wealthy - Yahoo! News

We're headed for the $2 trillion mark this year. Health care costs SHOULD worry the wealthy. Afterall, when the poor can't afford the care, hospitals and doctors write it off...sort of. Guess who gets passed the bill to offset the loss? The healthy (insurance) and the wealthy (big bills). From a certain point of view, we ARE practicing socialized medicine. From a certain point of view. Don't get me wrong, it's not the fault of the poor. They didn't set up this system. The fault is in:
1) The healthcare field for promoting themselves a little too successfully and thus setting up unattainable expectations of perfection.
2) The public who actually buy into the image of miracle workers and thus, sue doctors/hospitals for a bad outcome regardless of whether it really was anyone's fault or not (and sometimes, it's just out of plain old greed).
3) The insurance companies who can't get their act together enough to reduce administrative costs (like using a universal claims form) for everyone including themselves. Approximately $600 BILLION goes towards these costs every year. That's nearly a third of the all costs folks.


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