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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Saltzman vote gives OHSU tram plan a lift

Saltzman vote gives OHSU tram plan a lift

I feel bad for Dan Saltzman. The man is absolutely doing the right thing, but he's very likely to pay a heavy political price in doing so. Meanwhile, the lynch mob over at Jack Bog's blog are already screaming for the man's head. It doesn't matter that their anger is irrational. They just want to be pissed at someone, so since Dan was the third person, that's who all the "fault" lies on. As for me, Dan's got my vote. It takes guts to throw yourself on the grenade like that and know that people will still accuse you of pulling the pin in the first place. What is it about mob mentality that just makes people throw all sanity and common sense out the window?


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